The mission of the Department of Physical Education is to produce graduates with a holistic understanding of physical, mental, social and spiritual benefits of human movement activities, as saying goes ‘a sound mind in a sound body’. The Department of Physical Education, offer a multifaceted set of educational experiences for students interested in physical education, sport science and management, dance science and outdoor education. Sport Management is an increasingly important growth area in terms of professional employment and career opportunities. The Department has such objectives as to help acquire a depth of knowledge of the academic discipline of Physical Education to develop knowledge and management skill for efficient functioning for the development of Physical Education. In this context we have specialized & qualified staff to train students in all the sport activities like Indoor & Outdoor games.

Our sport department strives to train the students for University, State, National & International level of competition to achieve in the sports in individual and team games. To evidence the same, lot more prizes have been won by our students.

Our Human Resource:
1) Mr. Raghavendra Jattennavar M.P.Ed., Physical Education Director
Infrastructure Facilities for OUTDOOR Games:
1. Cricket
2. Basket Ball
3. Football
4. Volley Ball
5. Hockey
6. Hand Ball
7. Throw Ball
8. Ball Badminton
9. Kho – Kho
10. Kabaddi
11. Athletics

Infrastructure Facilities for INDOOR Games:
1) Table Tennis
2) Chess
3) Carrom
4) MultiGym

The college commitment to honing the sporting skills of its students are seen in the vast infrastructure and training facilities that has been put in place. The campus is abuzz with sporting activities in outdoor sports, indoor games, track and field and team events. The institution provides ample opportunities for the students to take part in all indoor and outdoor sports activities. The Institution has facilities for playing Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Foot Ball and Cricket. Inter College tournaments, Inter Branch matches and athletic meet are some of the regular activities in the Sports section.